When less becomes more
Minimalism is not just a fashion trend nowadays. It has grown into a social phenomenon encouraging people and brands to pay more attention to the quality and essence of things. The significance of minimalism for fashion lies in the whole concept of modern life. For decades marketing in the fashion and beauty industry has been based on the concept that customer deserves all those numerous goods. PATERMO decided to obtain this classic concept but enrich it with the ultimate luxury of modern society – honesty. This became a starting point for our philosophy – a fashion brand that cares about its customers enough to provide them with the best quality. But the quality of fabrics and tailoring is not everything. A brand that appreciates its customers will always think of its pieces through the way that clothing does not cover the unique personality of the person who wears it, but helps people to emphasize and express themselves. 


Luxury of minimalism
Traditional Nordic moderation combined with dignity and determination lie in the foundation of PATERMO brand philosophy. Modern world is extremely vivid and diverse. Digital technologies help people broaden their horizons, connect, and collaborate on so many levels.

Just like any culture, fashion has passed many stages. And every era in fashion evolution has mirrored significant processes in social life. From the pomposity of Barocco to the utility of military-style – fashion changed and matured together with humanity. The new era that we are entering nowadays is marked with the significance of individuality. Modern fashion simply has no right to suppress it. This is where the concept of minimalism was born. This is not just one more trend, it is a philosophy based on the eternal beauty of human nature.

In the world so vivid and loud like our modern society, one might find it hard to be heard and understood properly. For decades we have mutually labeled each other, imprisoning individuality with stigmas and prejudice. The ability to express yourself with no outer chuckles became the ultimate luxury of the modern world. PATERMO sees its mission in the modern culture to provide its customers with fashion that helps them express themselves with the ultimate clarity. Our styles appeal to unique personalities who see the essential beauty of life and not afraid to speak up and express themselves. Clear silhouettes and color patterns allow you to combine accessorize PATERMO pieces in a way that will express your unique vision.


Fashion that Cares
PATERMO uses organic cotton fabrics and produced in Germany according to the most advanced concepts of fair trade and a healthy workplace atmosphere. Our customers are not just connoisseurs of pure and clear minimalistic fashion concepts, they are investors in the future of conscious consumption.

While most fashion brands aim to provide their customers with the best quality styles, PATERMO takes at least one step forward. PATERMO clothes don’t only discover you the world of endless possibilities of self-expression through clear lines and bold color patterns. We create a community of progressive people with high awareness about the influence of fashion on the modern world and the future of the Planet.

Eco-friendly materials and technologies, fair trade and labor policy combined with bold and innovative solutions of minimalistic fashion trends make PATERMO a gravitational pull for the new age of conscious fashion. Our clear styles and monochromatic color palette let you shine out with your true colors. At the same time, our careful and conscious policy helps you to preach the new approach to responsible fashion and send out a bold message of being a part of a new progressive age of consumers who are ready to become a significant step in social evolution.