«I spent my childhood turning everything I could find into dolls’ clothes or clothes for my sister.»

Alfonso’s fascination for the diverse world of design started at an early age. When he was just five-years-old he started to design his outfits himself and developed his very own, sporty elegant style always completed with intricate, extravagant detail. That style is today the basis of his own brand.

For Alfonso, his mother plays an identity-defining role. She is the muse of his life, a proud warrior who protects the family, whom she lovingly cares for and holds together. In the 80s he grew up with his fashion-loving mother. He used to spend a lot of time in boutiques and watched his mother carefully choosing her outfit. But he was really fascinated above all on how innovatively his mother combined the newly purchased clothes with the pieces that were already at home in the wardrobe. For hours they tried together different garments and created a variety of looks - a key experience that influences him today.

For the designer Alfonso Patermo, the PATERMO brand is a personal fashion dream with zeitgeist that respects people and the environment.

After studying fashion design Alfonso worked for German television, including actors like Natalia Wörner, Christina Plate and Mirja Boes. He also worked in marketing for two renowned fashion houses: Dorothee Schumacher and Akris. The decision to start his own label resulted from the desire to create a brand that acts responsibly and independently, combined with unrestricted creativity.

In August 2018, he decided to quit his job as art director to create fashion that places people, our environment and the product first. After many years of experience in the fashion industry, Alfonso would like to strike a balance between sophisticated design and sustainable action.

PATERMO works with companies that produce exclusively in Europe. Alfonso has visited all factories personally and ensures that the production is fair and responsible and that their employees are treated with respect. It is Alfonso’s vision to appeal to strong, loving and independent women that are passionate about timeless design and sustainable quality.