Back to work – discover our perfect underpinning for the office or leisure

Offices and other places are slowly opening up as the world struggles to get back to its feet and adjust to the new normal. It has been months since you went to the office. It is natural to want to make a splash on your first day back to work. Luxury essentials often do not get enough credit in the professional world. Just because you are in an office setting and have to be prim and proper does not imply that you bid adieu to all sense of style.


Get the perfect luxury essentials in the form of underpinning.
Most offices have a dress code. You have to look professional. Quite often, you are forced to compromise on your comfort or style due to this. However, using t-shirts as underpinnings ensures that you get the best of both worlds.

T-shirts have a luxurious and yet professional touch to them. They are also quite comfortable. They are perfect to be used as underpinnings with simple suits like the ones offered by The Vierge. Thus, coupling t-shirts with these suits, you can create the ultimate fashionable and yet comfortable corporate look.


The best t-shirts for your office
We, at PATERMO, give utmost importance to design and quality. We understand that while it is essential to keep up with the trends, nothing should take precedence over quality. The fabrics of our t-shirts are of profound quality. We provide with t-shirts with a minimalistic design that will be suitable for your office setting.

Perhaps you have a hangout plan post office. You can take off the jacket, and you are ready to create a fashionable after work style. Get yourself one of our pieces and up your style game on your first day back at work.