PATERMO @ Who’s Next in Paris
Together with Switzerland Global Enterprise and Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Fashion Association is curating a Swiss pavilion at the leading international fashion fair for women's fashion in Europe

Swiss fashion design is a relatively young area, but it is growing steadily. According to Statista, the German online portal for statistics, this year's fashion segment sales in Switzerland were an astounding 2,084 million US dollars with an annual growth rate of 7.2%. While many have a romantic picture of Switzerland in mind - snowy mountains, idyllic seascapes and cozy chalets - Swiss designers have always been concerned with the concept of modernity and how to reconcile it with style.

A new generation of designers is currently coming to the fore in Switzerland, designing clothing and accessories that can be meaningfully integrated into the life of modern women. The collections contain individual statements and embody the core values ​​of the individual designers, yet they also counter fashion with pragmatism and humanity. The Swiss Fashion Association (SFA) - whose main task is to promote and support Swiss designers both locally and internationally - has selected eight labels, all of which were founded less than seven years ago, to be used in a collective space at the fashion fair To present Who's Next in Paris.

It is the first time that a Swiss pavilion has been integrated into a foreign trade fair where young designers can present themselves. It is all the more important that seven of the eight labels are designed and managed by a woman. In a branch still dominated by men, the SFA makes a strong statement with the curated space about the future of fashion and why female voices are important. With the help and valuable support of Switzerland Global Enterprise, Pro Helvetia and Who's Next, the Swiss Fashion Association hopes to use this collective space every six months with a seasonal selection of labels and a new concept in favor of Swiss fashion design.

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